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Price Gamelan Degung

Pelog gamelan degung
Gamelan degung is a musical instrument urangSunda, which spread widely in the area of ​​Sunda (West Java). This instrument consists of two types namely:gamelan bokor / penclon & gamelan temprak, while the material of the materials used for gamelan bokor / penclon is divided into 3types: Bronze, Brass , Iron.
As for the gamelan temprak usually only one type ofpricing problem Besi. To gamelan type bronze bowlwith a material that is divided into three classes: classA, with the price Rp.100.000.000,-rupiah, class B, with the price Rp.85.000. 000,-rupiah, while the class C, forRp.50.000.000 rupiah, including 1set-Rupiah. already Kendang,1set Flute, Harp & 1 fruit Sitter.
To gamelan bowl with Brass material only rewarded with Rp.30.000.000,-rupiah only,
has included 1set Kendang, 1set Flute, Harp & a fruitbowl with gamelan Sitter.Untuk iron is the cheapestmaterial that is the price of 20.000.000,-rupiah only.already including 1set Kendang, 1set Flute, Harp & 1 fruit Sitter.

To gamelan temprak appreciated byRp.15.000.000,-rupiah only, including 1set Kendang, 1setFlute, Harp & 1 fruit Sitter …. for those of you who struggle to find various kinds Sundanese gamelanmusical instruments just come to us Bale Budaya, havingstreet Kopo lingkar selatan Bandung, next to Police StationBojongloa Kidul. or contact us: bale.budaya @yahoo.com, / Tlp.085222256606 / (022) 92313227.also receive the service a wide range of musical instruments …….


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